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Zanmi Lasante had built schools and houses and communal sanitation and water systems throughout its catchment area [in central Haiti].

Although the Catholic Church never rejected liberation theology, the concept soon drew scorn, then neglect. The Modern Plagues to Pathologies of Power: Copy may not be in its final form. For Partners in Health, enacting it has meant designing healthcare that recognizes the fact that economically vulnerable people typically need more care, delivered more attentively, than wealthier people do.

I saw early on, still just a medical student, the panicky dead-end faced by so many of the destitute sick: Slaves could not govern themselves. Of course, people have no water. They require tremendous care. We can help malnourished adults medically.

Now, Haiti is the poorest country in this hemisphere. Well, this is Democracy Now.

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So they lost their land. The United Nations recently announced plans to form a top-level task force to address the global food crisis. And when AIDS came along, what we did was to say, well, clearly, we need to take the same system, which is free diagnosis and free care to the patient, because this is a public health problem, and they have a community health worker, you know, visiting them.

Talk about how you decided on this place called Cange in central Haiti, how you found it, how you began to build the hospital system you have there. And what was the response in this country of Big Pharma, of the big pharmaceutical companies.

The Quest of Dr. Richardson, he was chosen master of Emmanuel College, Henry Hubbard, the senior fellow, having declined the post. Jim Kim, another founder, became an expert in that arena. Well, you know, they had taken a beating in the press.

The Modern Plagues, Pathologies of Power: It was from medical school and taking care of lots of patients. Dr. Paul Farmer is a founding director of Partners In Health, an international organization providing health care to people living in poverty.

He is also a professor in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Watch video · We are talking with Dr. Paul Farmer, who is a professor of medical anthropology at Harvard Medical School, co-founder of Partners in Health.

He is associate chief of the Division of Social. When Paul Farmer was an undergraduate at Duke University in the early s, he used the money he had won from a student essay contest to fund his first trip to Haiti. There, Farmer joined a team of public health workers—and he had his first experience with how different life, and particularly medical care, is in one of the world’s poorest.

Paul Farmer and Health Care Paul Farmer is an American anthropologist and physician and also the main character of Tracy Kidders book Mountains Beyond Mountains, a book telling the true story of Farmer’s life and passion of treating people with infectious diseases.


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Farmer is very dissatisfied with the lack of health care access in the poorest countries and the unequal global distribution of wealth. His view of access to health care is really at odds with this country’s current push toward cost effectiveness.

Health Care Is a Human Right

May 23,  · This year the College of Arts and Sciences was honored to feature as its commencement speaker Dr. Paul Farmer, internationally renowned global health advocate, medical anthropologist, cofounder of Partners In Health, and chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical thesanfranista.comr: Chartered by Congress.

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